JABA-Translations is a translation company with almost 20 years of experience and which participates in medium and large-scale projects within the most diversified branches of the international industry. The quality and the coherence of the terminology applied in the translations, together with the professionalism and the in-depth know-how of a team that has been working together for several years are decisive factors that make JABA-Translations an inevitable reference in the market. This reality is widely recognized and valued by the translation agencies that work with JABA-Translations, many of them since the very beginning.

Currently, with more than 50 in-house translators working at the head office at Vila Nova de Gaia, in Portugal, we have a team of adequately qualified professionals and the most advanced technological means to translate into all of Portuguese variants. All projects are proofread and corrected by a group of dedicated and experienced proofreaders in accordance with EN 15038. This quality, combined with the most competitive price in the market, allows us to maintain a relationship based on trust sharing the goals with our clients, as well as justifies the longevity of our partnerships.


A low quality translation may compromise the completion of a business deal or project. Having this in mind, our greatest priority is to focus on the rigour and excellence of our services in order to assure our client that every detail of the project is carefully handled without neglecting the strict compliance of the stipulated deadlines. Regardless of the area of intervention, we invest in ongoing specialization to understand the literature which we have to work with. Our goal is to transmit, as clearly as possible, the original message to the end consumer.


We have a large and well prepared team of translators, proofreaders and project managers capable of providing the highest quality and safety to your translations. Working full-time in-house, not only do they assure the global consistency of the project, but also the most assertive existing terminology, especially because they are all native speakers of the target language. Furthermore, we also have an IT department that ensures the everyday correct functioning of the complete structure so that not even technology can stop us from meeting the deadlines and goals we have set ourselves.

The specialized training of the translators is also, in our opinion, essential for a confident and competitive market approach. To this end, a good professional should have knowledge of all of the available translation tools and be ready to work with any tool using this acquired knowledge to choose the best option, among all of the technological possibilities, that better serves his own interests.

As a representative of Across, MemoQ and XTM tools in Portugal, JABA-Translations is proud to have professionals in its staff duly prepared to work with these technologies and qualified to provide professional training on any tool.