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From the beginning to the end of your documentation.


Translating is much more than reproducing a certain text into another language. It requires training, experience, research and full knowledge of the culture, terms and the terminology of the target language. In the market for almost 20 years, with an experienced and highly qualified team, we are experts in several areas of the industry and our service quality is unbeatable.


Software, website and other online applications localization is today one of our main activities. Although there are standard steps which guarantee a balanced and efficient segmentation of each project, there are no patterns, formulas, tools or software established beforehand which can be applied to every job, which is why, nowadays, localization is vitally important in any business.

Desktop Publishing

We have a DTP (Desktop Publishing – Electronic Edition) department to convert your original files and quickly turn them over to our translation teams in editable format. With this we hope to broaden as much as possible the formats in which we accept projects, thus guaranteeing that our client has nothing to worry with concerning issues related to translation.

The process includes the following stages:

Project Analysis

The theme and the type of text to be translated are carefully analysed, taking into account, from the very beginning, all of the necessary requirements so that the project is completed with the highest efficiency and quality.

Project Management

The project is considered as a whole in all of its aspects, so that the most adequate human resources can be selected. The quality and deadlines are the main concern of the project managers regarding the distribution of tasks and during the whole execution of the job.

Desktop Publishing

The DTP technicians verify whether the text needs to be converted into an editable format and if special formatting measures should be taken before, during and after the translation.


The text is translated taking into account the most adequate style and terminology and also the specific demands of each client. We use the most modern translation software allowing us to provide the maximum quality and consistency.

First Revision

The translated text is then carefully and rigorously proofread, checking terminological and linguistic aspects so that the end result meets the client’s expectations.

Second Revision

Since four eyes always see more than just two, the translation is proofread a second time. The fluidity and the punctuation can make a big difference and there’s nothing better than a second proofreader to identify eventual improvements.

Delivery to the Client

The project manager, who has been in contact with the client since the beginning, is responsible for delivering the translation within the previously established deadline and with our usual smile.


And as each word is important, the whole process of translating, editing and proofreading is followed by the project managers who are responsible for the completion of the job, being also available to answer any query or additional question that the client might have.